The Best Health Tip-The Food You Eat

By dabestseller March 20, 2019 17:12

The Best Health Tip-The Food You Eat

Human are intelligent living organism

Human are intelligent living organism and we need food to eat in order to survive and growth older and older and one day when our cell stop developing we will get sick and then die and go back to the ground.

But That is not what we want to talk about here? What we interested in is the best health tip for the food you eat everyday. How to stay healthy and eat the food you like.

How to Stay healthy?

Raw Meat and vegetable is the Best

First, the best food you should eat are raw meat and raw vegetable because they contain lots of vitamin and protein. But where can you find raw meat and raw vegetable that are safe to eat without cooking because people/farmer are using more harmful chemical to keep the food fresh for a very long time.

To be honest, the natural way is the best to live the life in this world. Raw meat and vegetable is way much better than cooked meat and vegetable. Raw food is fresh and full of vitamin and protein. Once the food is cooked the vitamin and protein is breaking down it texture and your body won’t consume enough vitamin or protein in that food you are eating.

There are so many food in the market but most of them contain harmful chemical or not safe to eat. You need to cook it before you eat it. If the food is organic growth without using any chemical product we suggest you eat them raw or 30% to 50% raw.

Eat Balance vegetable, meat and balancing is the best way

Second, eat balance vegetable and meat and drink plenty of water. Your body will cooked like a fish in a Microwave Oven if you don’t drink enough water. The Earth is in its perfect position and perfect balance of water , sunlight and distance from big star and perfect timing. Like the Earth, human is also need a balance of meat, vegetable and water. Remember your stomach need food to digest and growth the cell in your body. Yet your bone need water and sunlight to growth with the support from the air flow. Find the balance of food from meat, vegetable, fruit to water, sunlight, breathing air and another most important of all is the food for your brain. The reading book. Read enough book your brain will growth too.

Not everything we eat are foods…

Third, medicine is not food. Coca cola is another definition for sugar and alcohol is not alcoholic if you don’t drink until you are drunk. Cigarette used to be good and popular and legal but now it is marijuana that is more popular but illegal. Sick is a common thing. Natural heal is the only best way for curing. Medicine can help you sometimes but not all the time. If you not sick don’t go to doctor because he will give you medicine to eat. And remember medicine is not food.

So what should you do when you get sick or illness? Drink hot water eat plenty of food and get plenty of rest. If you got an accident that is a different story because an ambulance will come and pick you up. Please don’t get confuse accident with illness and sickness.

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By dabestseller March 20, 2019 17:12