Best Sodium Bicarbonate for Pools 2019 – Consumer Reports

By dabestseller December 9, 2018 15:28

Best Sodium Bicarbonate for Pools 2019 – Consumer Reports

If you are looking to increase the alkalinity in your residential pool, best sodium bicarbonate for pools are the ingredient you would need. And, you surely know that. Otherwise, you would not be here now.

Yes, in this review, we are going to feature the top 5 bags of best sodium bicarbonate for pools to recommend. You could enjoy checking out the options, and you might want to decide to bring some home to do its jobs.

1.Splash Total Alkalinity (Sodium Bicarbonate) 5lbs

The first bag to see is this Splash Total Alkalinity. This bag weighs 5 lbs, and it is a nice solution when you want to level the alkalinity in your pool at home. It is actually healthier when you get your pool ph between 7.5 and 7.7. Low alkalinity could causes issues such as skin and eye irritation. However, this bag will help you solve the problem.

2.5 Lb Bulk Package 100% Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Fast Shipping Bath Fizzies POOL SPA

The second recommendation falls to this 100 percent pure sodium bicarbonate. This bag is 5 lbs, and it is best to make bath bombs and to level up the alkalinity in the swimming pool and spa. If it is the issue you are trying to deal with at your residential pool, the bag could greatly help you.

As for the instruction to use, you could check it out on the container, and here is the brief. As soon as you test the alkalinity in your pool, and it is less than 80 ppm, it is time you need to level it up. For the amount, of the 1.5 pounds of this sodium bicarbonate is for 10000 gallons of water. The best range is between 80 to 110 ppm. Thus, if you could increase its alkalinity to around 90, it would be great.

3.POOLIFE Alkalinity Plus (25 lb)

If you are looking for more in a large amount, you might want to instead check this Poolife Alkalinity Plus. it is pure and of a very good quality. The net weight it comes in this big can is 25 lbs, and it is going to let you use it for a long while to level up or increase the alkalinity in your pool at home. In addition, on the product product label, there is a easy dosage chart to help you measure it right and well.

4.Pool Mate 1-2256B Total Alkalinity Increaser for Swimming Pools, 10-Pound

As for this Pool Mate bag, it is also another choice of a good solution to increasing the level of alkalinity in the swimming pool. It weighs 10 pounds, and this is going to be enough for awhile. Normally, 1.5 pounds is used with 1000 gallons of water. You thus can measure the right amount according to the size of your pool.

This alkalinity increases is important, and it could help prevent some irritation to skin and eyes after your swim. Corrosion and plaster damage could also happen when alkalinity is low. For the standard range, it is between 80 and 120 ppm. 

5.Sodium Bicarbonate Pure Baking Soda

This is a big bag of pure baking solar as sodium bicarbonate. It is produced at a food grad level, and all is natural in this bag. It is safe and useful for cooking as well as for pool when it comes to adding more of the alkalinity. If you need that large amount of up to 50 lbs, you could select this choice, and you will save some money as you are buying in bulk. 

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By dabestseller December 9, 2018 15:28